Smart cities

smart cities

Smart cities are a type of city or municipality that uses ICT (Information and Communication Technology) and technology implemented in multiple aspects of life to increase the efficiency of operations and enhance the transference of information between the authorities and citizens. Besides the technological aspects, smart cities are designed to be environmentally friendly. 

How can Asha & Company help the Smart Cities Industry?

As a Smart City Consultancy, Asha & Company provide relevant data and information along with practical solutions to developers interested in investing in taking on innovative city projects. Along with this, Asha and the company also provide insight into how to connect with stakeholders while taking on smart city projects. 

Investigation and Study

We help companies, especially those that are new to the industry, understand various aspects, such as what the essential parts of Smart Cities are. We also help clients understand the best practices of notable players, such as how their organizational structure is formed, who to be included in each stage of the structure, how to launch new products, etc. 

Design a framework

As one of Asia's smart cities consulting firms, Asha & Company will work on basic and detailed designs regarding technology implementation in the upcoming smart city. In addition to designs, Asha & Company also provide the overall framework of the smart city project should our client feel the need. 

Select the Approach

We select the perfect approach for implementing technology within the target area based on the data gained through analysis and meeting with the experts. Depending on the size and geography of the target area, the approach to implementing smart technology will vary. 

Monitor Digital Transformation

Asha & Company studies the impact on labor and organization of new digital technology in the areas affected by the implementation of smart cities which includes but is not limited to the municipality or the city where technologies are implemented, along with the areas surrounding the said municipality.

What Has Asha & Company Done for Clients?

Asha and Companies have helped our Smart City industry clients in the following way.

Expert Interviews:

  • Take interviews from around five experts to understand the offerings and market needs for digital twin products in the USA, China, and Japan
  • Research and interviews to understand how AI is implemented in smart cities and by large companies

Research and Consulting

  • We have helped multiple providers of solutions and products for smart cities understand the market trends and how to connect with multiple stakeholders

How Asha & Company Works?

Expert Interview

The expert interviewers from Asha & Company take interviews with smart city industry experts to get in-depth and first-hand data from direct sources.

Company Listing

Asha & Company lists the smart city industry in the global market. Along with this, we also provide a comprehensive list of all the listed companies, including potential rivals and global leaders in the industry.

Market Measurement/ Strategic Counseling

The expert from Asha & Company provides our Smart City clients with data drivel decisions and strategic counseling to efficiently plan the intelligent city.

Sales Support

As one of the leading Smart City consultants, we help our clients arrange logistics and make smart sales decisions to ensure that our clients in Smar City Industry generate enhanced revenue.

Some of the Ongoing trends are:

  • Smart Health
  • Smart Safety
  • Smart Energy
  • Smart Infrastructure

Notable Client: Global real estate developer expanding into the USA Among Japan's leading auto parts suppliers

  • Global leader in digital twins
  • Asia’s leading provider in smart city solutions (both hardware and software)