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Gaming Consultant in Asia

Gaming is a booming industry in modern times that is worth millions of USD each year. This industry encompasses the development, marketing, and monetization of video games, and this industry has come a long way from being a niche market to a global enterprise. As such, the industry is attracting more and more attention and resources.

How can Asha & Company Help in the Gaming Industry?

As one of the best business consultants for the gaming industry, the experts at Asha & Company provide a clear image of the ongoing gaming trends, increase the profitability and effectiveness of the games, increase cost savings, and offer expertise regarding this industry to our clients. We also help our clients with advice on how to expand their business within the gaming community.

Expand the business

The expansion of the gaming business is a comprehensive market. As one of the best gaming consulting agencies, Asha & Company provides clients with the required guidance to recognize their potential weaknesses and create informational rules to assist in the creation of disaster recovery contracts to that our clients can expand their business without the risk of pitfalls.

Increase profitability and effectiveness.

The gaming business consultants at Asha & Company are experts in business strategies and developments. As such, our experts can provide game development companies with a better way to increase the profitability and efficiency of their products without the hamper in their quality. The gaming consultants at Asha & Company help our clients to increase profits and create a niche for themselves in the competitive gaming market.

Save costs

In addition to improving profitability, as one of the best gaming consultant agencies, Asha & Company also provides clients with a comprehensive cost-cutting analysis to save the budget and prevent unnecessary expenses wherever possible without hampering the quality of their products. As a Gaming Consultant Agency, Asha & Company also keeps our clients away from sources that can increase the business's expenses.

Offer Expertise

As one of the best gaming agencies, Asha & Company offers our clients updates on market trends, new challenges, and business knowledge. We ensure that our client has the required data, information, and understanding of the solutions regarding the industry, enabling our clients to stay ahead of their competitors.

What Has Asha & Company Done for Clients?

As one of the leading gaming consultancy, Asha & Company has provided the following services to our clients.

Company Listing

  1. Provide a list of prospective companies with a focus on their product details.
  2. Provide details on the scale and operational capability to ensure our clients can shortlist the best companies for further partnership.

How Asha & Company Works?

Company Listing

Asha & Company provides a list of comprehensive companies in the gaming industry with an emphasis on their product details. We do this to ensure our clients can shortlist the best companies for further partnership.

Product Evaluation

The gaming consultant at Asha & Company evaluates our clients' gaming products to ensure that the game's technical and creative aspects are up to the market standard. Once our experts do this, they offer their expertise regarding the product.

Report Creation

After reviewing the game, Asha & Company offers reports and analysis regarding the product's performance for both quality and market viability. Additionally, this phase also includes discussion and reviews regarding the business strategy.


The gaming experts at Asha and Company provide our clients with reports to the stakeholders at the Company regarding the findings. If required, we also offer follow-up evaluations if the changes are significant to their product.

Some of the Ongoing trends are:

  • Gamification everywhere
  • Blockchain-based games are getting more popular.
  • Hardware is getting more complex.
  • Consolidation of distribution players

Notable Client: Asia's leading player in the entertainment industry

  • Asia’s leading players in game development, distribution and arcade operator