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Consumer goods are products that are consumed or used by average customers. They are also known as final goods and can range from foods to clothes and regular materials that, once used, will be consumed within a short duration. With a wide range of products, consumer goods are a business worth millions annually. Additionally, consumer products from consumer goods are spread across a wide range of categories.

How can Asha & Company help Consumer Goods Industry?

As a consumer goods consultancy, Asha & Company aids clients in understanding the existing state of business related to consumer goods in a particular area, provides business insights on the business models of successful companies, and aids in the automation of the production process. Asha and Company also aid in adjusting the logistics department of consumer goods producers to get the upper hand on the existing meta by adjusting the logistics side of their clients as required.

Advanced Analytics

Asha & Company, with our team of expert researchers and developers, gain access to customer data and use the said data to generate value by providing our clients with insight-driven assessment of their consumer behavior. The data analysis is also used for insights-driven marketing.

Consumer Health

As Asha & Company is also an FMCG consulting company in Asia, we help clients gain insight into their consumer's health to ensure that the products do not harm their target consumers, thoroughly analyze the recent data and advise changes to the products where required.


We help our clients in the consumer goods industry to create tangible value based on data-driven insights on consumer needs. Our experts help clients in developing marketing approaches specific to their target consumers and get an advantage over their competitors.


As one of the best experienced FMCG consulting companies in Asia, Asha & Company helps our clients develop and redesign their operating models to deliver holistic organizational transformations. This is done by adjusting the operating models and defining clear roles and responsibilities necessary for optimum sustainable results.

Strategy and Planning

Asha & Company provides our clients with an optimized strategy to ensure holistic and sustainable growth through defining, reviewing, and reviewing operational strategies.

What Has Asha & Company Done for Clients?

Following is the list of activities that Asha & Company has done to aid our clients as one of the leading Consumer Goods consulting companies.

Research and Consulting

  • Helped our clients understand the current trends
  • Aid our clients in understanding the business models of disruptors
  • Consult on how companies automate the production and distribution process,
  • Aid in customized product manufacturing and logistics
  • Help our clients work with various stages in order to penetrate the US markets: help identify the right customer segments, which retailers to work with, how to work with the FDA or USDA, etc.

How Asha & Company Works?

Expert Interview

Our expert interviewers take interviews with the leading figures in the world of Consumer goods to gather first-hand data and expert opinions regarding our clients' inquiries.

Company Listing

We at Asha & Company list the organization of our Consumer Goods companies of our clients in the global market and provide a comprehensive list of companies involved, including but not limited to potential rivals.

Market Measurement/ Strategic Counseling

The expert from Asha & Company provides our Consumer Goods clients with data drivel decisions and strategic counseling to make the production and distribution process more efficient and enhance revenue.

Sales Support

We aid our clients in contacting prospective companies, arranging logistics, automating the process and increasing the overall sales of consumer goods clients. In addition to this, we also become discussion partners and advisors during the visits.

Some of the Ongoing trends are:

  • Tighter margins due to the increasing number of disruptors
  • Labor shortages leading to new ways of working
  • Increasing degree of customization
  • I-want-it-now mindset

Notable Client: Among the top global electronics brands

  • Asia’s leading plant-based maker
  • Japan’s leading consumer packaged food maker
  • Southeast Asia’s notable dairy producer