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Agriculture Consulting Companies in Nepal

Agriculture is among the most significant industries globally. Roughly one billion people globally are involved in agriculture production and processing, in one way or another. This industry produces most of what we eat, including plant and animal-based dietary products. There are many organizations involved in this industry.

How can Asha & Company Help the Agriculture Players?

Asha & Company can be considered one of the best agriculture consulting companies, thanks to its experienced consultants. The consultants can help agriculture players identify current issues in value chains, production, etc., and provide them with suitable solutions such as the right business models, how to automate the production process, and how to add value to create addressable market segments for their agricultural products.

Marketing and Sales

Asha & Company, as an agro consulting service provider, enhances the market sales of our clients based on relevant practices, including optimized pricing and sales execution to get ahead of their competition.

Organization and Strategy

We, as one of the agribusiness consulting firms, provide optimized organization strategy and optimum organization within our client's company, enabling them to stay strong and avoid crossovers regardless of the shifting market trends.

Analyze the trends

We provide our clients with market trends to ensure that they can implement appropriate changes in strategy to stay ahead of their competitors.

What Has Asha & Company Done for Clients?

As one of the best Agriculture consulting firms, the following is the list of activities that Asha & Company has done for Agriculture companies across the globe. 

Research and Strategic Consulting:

  • Understand the market situation:
    • We have helped our clients understand the value chains of existing and new products
    • Provide Consulting on the performance of emerging players
    • Research and consulting on the requirements of distributors
    • Consulting regarding the ever-changing demands of consumers
    • Identify who the end customers/target segments are
  • New market expansions:
    • How to develop products to reach such customers: flavors, aroma, packaging, etc.
    • How to get the health claims onto the packages
    • Help clients enter the US, Japanese, and notable Southeast Asian markets from the get-go
    • Identify the most suitable distribution channels to reach such customers
  • Help support local economies through development agencies:
    • Help the public sector and private sectors work together to develop production areas
    • Help draft and identify the best policies to encourage effective production
  • Expert Interviews: interviewed over 50 experts from various companies and organizations to understand the markets and operations for new businesses

How Asha & Company Works?

Expert Interview

The expert interviewers from Asha & Company take interviews with the best agricultural experts for first-hand data regarding the different aspects of our client's needs and deeper insight and data regarding agriculture.

Company Listing

We provide our clients with a comprehensive list of companies involved in Agriculture as a reference point and help their company get listed in the global exchange market.

Market Measurement / Strategic Consulting

Experts from Asha & Company provide our clients with data-driven decisions and tailor-made strategic counseling based on the data from research and expert interviews.

Sales Support

We aid our clients in contacting prospective companies, arranging logistics, and enhancing sales in agriculture. In addition to this, we also become discussion partners and advisors during visits.

Some of the Ongoing trends are:

  • Increasing consumption and demand for plant-based meat products
  • Leveraging blockchain technology to record trade transactions among multiple trading parties in a tamper-proof way
  • Increasing physical inspection of food processing plants for safety standards after Covid
  • Shifting from a Just-In-Time supply chain model to Just-In-Case
  • Increasing demand to undercut middlemen

Notable Client: Among the top crop manufacturers in Japan and Southeast Asia

  • Asia’s notable development agencies
  • Asia’s leading plant factories companies
  • Asia’s leading greenhouse makers and flower seeds providers
  • Southeast Asia’s leading province in temperate produce production area