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Lead Business Researcher

Apply before March 31, 2023

Kathmandu, Nepal


We are a Tokyo-headquartered Kathmandu-based research and consulting-focused venture-building firm:

- Our elite consulting team consists of graduates from Harvard Business School and the University of Tokyo.

- Modeled after Big 3 consulting firms MBB, we help large companies including FORTUNE 500 solve their growth, market, and product issues.

- Our venture-building team helps build e-commerce, HR-related, and mobility products across Asia.

Roles & Responsibilities

- Data gathering via primary and secondary source research methods

- Analyzing qualitative data to uncover industry, company, and customer trends

- Creating in-depth client reports and polished deliverables.

- Effectively communicating research results to the Research and Consulting team and making the appropriate strategic recommendations

- Managing team members for flawless reports

- Engaging and leading multiple projects at a time


- Ability to work long hours, if required

- Must be able to work full-time right away

- At least 5 years of experience in a business-related and/or research related field.

- Proficiency in English is a must.

- Strong commitment to excellence and personal and professional growth

- Demonstrated outstanding academic performance and an aptitude for analytics.

- Adept at engaging multiple projects and completing deliverables on schedule

- Ability to handle different parties and stakeholders

- Ability to lead and work in teams

- Attention to detail with the presence of mind



- International working environment with a unique opportunity to learn from top minds in Japan, Nepal, and many other countries.

- Five days working week (Monday to Friday)

- Performance review twice a year


If you are among the top performers with growth and problem-solving mindsets, JOIN US.

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