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Business Development

We're business development experts. We are proud to develop our products and services in Nepal & Japan. Our ambition is not only to be known as the best company in Nepal and Japan but also as one of the best in the world.

Get to know business development products and services:

asha bazaar

Asha Bazaar is a marketplace to offers spices, South Asian food, and groceries from leading brands. This marketplace will allow small shops to sell their items to foreigners or Japanese customers in Japan. Browse through grocery and food products to learn more.

nekin sewa

As of June 2022, over 125,000 Nepalese living in Japan, making it the largest South Asian community in Japan. Although many Nepalese live and work in Japan for years, they do not know that they are eligible to claim the pension funds paid to the Japanese government after they leave. That's why Asha & Company provides related services to the eligible.