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Asha & Company is a research and consulting firm that focuses on empowering individuals and organizations to make positive changes in their lives. We truly believe that our people are our most valuable asset in developing innovative diagnostic solutions. We provide consulting management and advisory services by leveraging our diverse industry experience to develop innovative global solutions.

asha & company-asha & company Our Mission

Asha & Company’s vision is to contribute to Nepal’s economic growth by 1%.

asha & company-asha & company our vision

Asha & Company is focused on providing international standard services with the mission of “Export people’s power and intelligence.

asha & company-asha & company

Sharad Chandra Rai CEO, Asha & Company, Inc.

Being a landlocked country, industrialization in Nepal is a big challenge. More than 2,000 youths go abroad every day in search of low-paid menial work. Almost 30% of the nation's GDP is covered by remittances sent from abroad. Against such an economic and geographical backdrop, I believe the research and consulting industries are best suited for Nepal. The power of intelligence is unlimited, and it has no comparative disadvantage of being landlocked. At Asha, we aim to contribute to Nepal’s economic growth by 1% in the future. By nurturing some of the top-notch talents in Nepal, we envision creating a whole new business research and consulting industry in the country.